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Did your key get stuck or break inside one of the lock cylinders? If so and your in need of a Millbrae locksmiths, then you have come to the right place. Locksmith Daly City provides a wide range of services that include automotive, commercial and residential assistance. The locksmith will arrive at your location shortly after you get in contact with us about your emergency.

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When you lose your car keys, for one reason or another, it can be very stressful. First, retrace your steps to where you last remembering having them. Maybe you dropped them somewhere or forgot to pick them up from your desk for instance. If you still can’t find them, then the next step is to call a locksmith to come assist you. They will need the year, make and model of your vehicle to determine what type of key you will need. Newer model cars have a chip inside the key, which will need to be programmed to match your car’s frequency. They have the equipment to do everything right at your location, so no need to worry about leaving your car.

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The ignition cylinder is the part where the key goes into to try and start the engine. Worn down keys can cause damage to the tumblers and pins inside the cylinder, causing it not to turn and unlock. The tumblers themselves can wear down, break or stuck in a raised position, preventing the key from turning. Sometimes they can wear down so much that the key will come out while the vehicle is still running. If the lock cylinder is difficult to turn or you are having trouble putting or taking the key out, then the key may be bent or frayed. You will need to get a new replacement key from the locksmith, so you do not cause any damage to the cylinder itself.

When you accidentally lock your keys in your car it can be embarrassing. Most people have done it at some point in their lives, so don’t feel bad about it. If you don’t have a friend or spouse that has a spare key, then you need to call a professional locksmith. It is never a good idea for you to try and unlock the vehicle by yourself. Using foreign objects like wire hangers or similar items can cause unnecessary damage. The locksmith will have the proper tools that allow them to easily access the car without causing any damage.

So, the next time you find yourself in need of Millbrae Locksmith, call Locksmith Daly City.

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